Felton International Coaching 

Therapeutic, Professional, Executive, and Life Coaching

Why contact Felton International Therapeutic Coaching? 

Felton International Therapeutic Coaching services are provided to executives, professionals, and paraprofessionals. My professional coaching services are about being true to yourself by being real and living your life on another level. You are able to explore internal sought after possibilities from your very core and strip away layers upon layers of distress, anger, frustration, self-deceit, and fear. You will learn to be you without your masks and be enriched by living a life that is truly yours. At Felton International Therapeutic Coaching I am focused on providing exemplary coaching services with the highest level of client satisfaction.  I have extensive experience as a psychotherapist, therapeutic life coach, author, and professor which allows me the ability to help you see your life from many different views.   Dr. Felton

What is therapeutic coaching?

A Therapeutic coach integrates coaching and therapeutic techniques in a productive framework by being able to understand cognitive behavioral therapy, uses researched methods and techniques in a therapeutic manner, and embraces the essential needs of understanding thoughts, behaviors, and feelings through the coaching process.

Therapeutic coaches will help you within the areas of their expertise to include emotional and behavior issues, anxiety, depression, relaxation, build confidence, self esteem, and can be effective in your family/work life balance.

A therapeutic coach will help provide you the tools you need to move forward in finding the whole and true you. This form of coaching will give more direct support enabling individuals to reach their goals by being a collaborator and empowering you to find better focus and obtain a sustainable drive.