Felton International Coaching 

Therapeutic, Professional, Executive, and Life Coaching


Felton International Therapeutic Coaching is located in Angola, Indiana formerly in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. My primary focus is to offer you an opportunity to take control of your life, your goals, your dreams, and your choices. My coaching techniques are therapeutic, goal-directed and action oriented working with executives, professionals, and paraprofessionals from all over the world. Appointments are available weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly as your individualized program directs. 

As a professional therapeutic coach I truly feel being an expat is an opportunity of a lifetime. One that is to be embraced and looked upon as a way of moving forward in life, fulfilling dreams beyond your imagination and being a part of positive change-- in yours as well as another's life. My experience as a psychotherapist allows me the ability to offer you an opportunity to push past your own limitations- being fully aware of the direction you are going and being able to embrace all that lies ahead. 

What are my goals? My primary goal is to offer you support and encourage further growth through a therapeutic coaching process that is individualized to suit your needs. My expectations from you as your professional coach is self accountability. You can expect continued motivation and support in a strong and uplifting manner. Now is the time to take charge of your destiny by re-creating your current situation.  

Some of my specialties include but are not limited to: Therapeutic Coaching ~ Therapeutic Recovery Coaching~ Expat Coaching~ Executive Coaching~ Relationship Coaching~ Trauma ~ Therapeutic Teen Coaching  ~ Military Development & Transitional Coaching ~Bereavement/Grief Support Groups  ~ Speaking Engagements ~ Training & Education ~ Consultation

Expat in Saudi Arabia